Week 13) Art Experience- Care Package

This week art experience is care package, I have been play a lot of air-soft, paintball and some of survival style video game I can imagine how a car package should be like. A good way to compare care package is a image on facebook or a short 10 second gif on snapchat. As visual contend, the digital thing that we can only see in one dimension, for example a picture of a car, we can only see what the photographer want us to see, we can’t flip the picture around to see the back to of that car, but yet with digital visual it easier to store memory and less space consumption. For care package, it a real thing, we can hold the objective in our hand, play with it, flip it around to observe a difference angle, it also have more value both in memory and displace the only downside is that it hard to store. I don’t expect anything “mind blowing” in my mail box because everybody simple have difference way of thinking, I may not understand the true value of what I revise like the one who send it, but still I can partially understand or completely have a difference idea. I send a dragon figure in glass, in my couture dragon mean luck(red) and and power(yellow), I hove who ever receive this will have a great success in future.



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