Week 12) Artist – Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession
Media: Epson printer, paper, ink, computer, Photoshop, screenprinting tools, camera
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: no website
Instagram: no Instagram

About the Artist:

Jennifer Chen is currently a senior in the BFA printmaking program at CSULB. She already finishes a degree in biology awhile ago. She changes her major in order to express her passion and feeling in art to others. Jennifer Chen works on numbers of job and internship, but all of them are about health related field. She has a great interest both in biology and art, she want to use this combination in life and education to make the boring science more interesting.

Content Analysis:

Jennifer Chen’s project is a great combination of science and art. “Succession” is the title for today show, which means the world works toward the future, no matter it good or bad future as long as everything should have a destination.  Most of Jennifer Chen art are pictures of landscape, city,  jungle from afar, the most interesting is the picture of a village  got surrounded with a lot of trees, it seem like she wants to show fast and brutal how human race expanding their border. Some other are trees with the tag “(someone) was here” to show the mark of time to those who pass by this destination. Other just like picture takes from an airplane looking down to abandon flat ground, I can tell there are already a human touch on this area by the concrete yard but tree and grass are growing all over it, this probably she want to show the waste of time or energy of human to nature or it just a part of Jennifer Chen’s mind.

Formal Analysis:

A process sound simple but rather time consuming. Jennifer Chen usually takes photos of the tree with the tag with her own camera and most of the picture seem like took from an airplane are from google map. Later on, she starts to edit the photo that she like  using programs like photoshop or sometimes just some simple app on her cellphone. The editing process is done by just simply cut a small portion of a picture and copy it with multiple of layers. Next, she adds more shading and blur effect for the picture seem to have more depth.  Finally, she adds more color to the part she needs to highlight like the building is pink-purple on the picture with the town in a jungle. Some project needs over a week to finish depend on the size.

My Experience:

I do enjoy observing art, all artwork or picture can be similar, we have to look further than our eyes can see. Yet the meaning of a picture is what I am talking about. The technique Jennifer Chen used to create her project seem to be unartistic to some people, take pictures of something then the program to edit it, why waste time doing that when Jennifer Chen can just simply draw the picture by herself, it seem to be faster. But the idea is the meaning of the picture, the contend seem very busy in some picture but the meaning is strong, I have to use the picture that has a town in the jungle for example again, it hard to she what going on in the picture but the message is very strong and clear, each person may have difference point of view but in my eyes, the meaning of the picture is about how fast human expanding.


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