Week 12) art experiment

This is the first time that I ever heard about “Geocache.” This is like a dream come true, after watching “Pirates of The Caribbean” I always want to go out and looking for treasure myself.

I happen to be a coincidence. On Friday I was going to a local 24hours fitness, I was park on the second road of the parking lot, next to a tree and when I check on the Geocaching app, someone hite something over there. I read the description > they said it was a small objective, look like a film case and inside have a used family membership back in 2008. I spend like 20 minutes digging around the trunk of the tree but no hope, finally I look up and there is something shine up through my phone’s flashlight, I tried to climb up on a branch and finally found it. They have a small note the write those how was here, so I went back into the gym ask the guy to borrow a pen, write my name down and put the objective back to where it should be.


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