Week 11) Art Experience – Turning Pages

There are multiple ways to record an experience like turning-page, for example, filming, take photos, or some prefer the traditional way like words. Yet I have tried them all.

This Thursday I tried 3 difference ways to pass an experience to another. First, I went to the library to read some book, I tried to memorise what I read then tell another, it was quite easy for this first try, I basically tell my friend what is in the Book I just read in my words, there are some information has changed compare to the original but still captured the main idea. Next, I went to the bookstore and pretty much play with their stuff for free, a friend help me to take picture of my activity after that I share it with 3 another friend, I quite surprise that 3 of them has 3 difference way to describe my action, one said I was studying, another say I am relaxing, and another said that I just read/listen to a funny story. And finally, I went to the computer lab to check my email, this one I record a short video and show it to my friend and they all know that I am just simply checking my email.

Words, picture, video are great for capturing an experience, as I rank the difficulty level is that take a video is the easiest way to recapture an experience, I can guarantee to recreate an action almost perfectly, we bearly need any effort than holding the camera horizontally and focus on the main objective. Next is taking pictures, all we need to do is pull out our phone and snap a quick picture in less than 5 seconds, the viewer will figure out what going on the photo, yet the downside is not everybody will think of the same content for a picture. Words are the hardest, depend on how good you are in public speaking or how good can you tell a story, the audience can partially understand the situation that you are talking about, yet we need more energy to describe and everybody will imagine a difference picture but the topic is the same, the best example for this is movie made from famous story like Snowwhite, since I grew up, I watched 5 difference movie about Snowwhite, they all difference but same contend. After all the good thing of using words technique is quite interesting, we use more energy to recreate a contend but the result is from the audience’s imaginary, it won’t lets the audience become lazy, it push them to find their way to find their own world.

After all , I came up with my opinion  about all type of way to recreate an opinion. In education it best to give student information through video, me personally always watch YouTube video to understand the lesson for my math and physic class, this way the professor doesn’t need to repeat the same thing over and over again, instead just spend a good amount of time and energy on making goods video, it can guarantee to shave to best information to the students, yet sometimes student do need some sort of reading exercise to help their brain to be flexible. Books and literature still need their position in society, it is very important as well, even when I have all the technology, sometimes I still re-read some of my favorite novel like HarryPotter, Eragon, … But in books it always good to a picture here and their to describe  things that words can not, for example at the begin of all Eragon book, there are alway a big map that show where the main character has traveled, it hard for the reader when the author constantly say “turn left” or “turn right” on their book.




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