Week 10) Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox
Exhibition: Silent Screams
Media: Oil Pastel, Prints, Woodcarving, Monoprint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://www.HelenWernerCox.com
Instagram: None


Helen Werner Cox is currently a graduate student at CSULB. Werner Cox Helen currently pursuing MFA in drawing/painting figurative for her last semester. Werner Cox Helen grew up in Ithaca, New York. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts when she is  18  years old and stay there for another 16 years. She doesn’t like snow and rain in Boston so she moved to California because over here we have beautiful weather. When moved to CA she managed to be a High School teacher without any recommendation. Later on, she teaches at a Middle school for few year then become a librarian for another 14 years. Werner Cox Helen like a word in fairy tail , she grew all sorts of beautiful plan and flower at her house, she like to read too.

Helen Werner Cox’s art exhibition displayed some of the very interesting pieces. She used multiple materials and technique for her project like oil pastel, wood carving, … The content of her painting are mostly similar and yet still very interesting and joyful. Some are black and while, some are white and brown, some are full of difference of color. Helen Werner Cox spends a lot of effort for  her project, first she carefully sketches out her idea then later on color with her moods. She spending days for each art piece, most of her inspiration came from park and children’s play grounds.

Just most of the famous artist, they not drawing random thing but the draw their life. Helen Werner Cox did the similar thing, her drawing looks very exciting and sometimes feel alive because what she drawing is her frustration, fear and emotion. Through her point of view, life is a circle, what we did will eventually come back of us. Yet the society repeats the same mistake, we always go up move forward to learn new knowledge to forget the past. That explain the main contend of her works, a wooden horse they move up and down and yet the will eventually come back the same position over and over again.

While I first walk into the gallery, I feel like a play house. There are wooden horse jumping and dancing everywhere, especially the biggest painting. Helen Werner Cox points out that most of her work get inspired by Griffith Park. She spends most of her time there to think and sketch out her idea. Sketching a moving objective is very difficult and yet some of her painting take hours to put down on paper. I find this is very impressive, first because I am not drawing, second because she can focus and think and a place that has so much distraction. I ride horse few time while  I am in elementary school, I like it a lot, I felt like a cowboy back then, this brings back quite a bit of memory. I very enjoy Helen Werner Cox’s art work.











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