Week 10) Art Experiment – Instagram

Instagram has been around for a few years, I am one of those who use this app since day one. Time pass by I start losing interest with it and stop use it about a year ago when I actually get in my major.

This week Experiment is to take 4 random photos and post it to Instagram with the tag “#art110s16”. I have to reinstall the app for this experiment. I took 4 pictures, the first one is stalking professor Glenn while performing his signature stance. I put that picture in black and white effect with some light effect and it looks extremely spectacular. The second picture is me walking down the street listening “Blvd Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day on the part “…My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me…” After that, I went off and have a small lunch with a friend of mine. I was very disappointed, I was so hungry and I forgot to take the picture of that meal, to those who post food pictures online … I failed you all 😦 . Then I went home and look at my neighbor car, she is Irish and around mid twenty, she own a white Hummer but that day she just has a good car wash and the car look really good. Then when I scroll through the picture list that I took from that galleries, there was a picture of a red car I am sure that not many people know what car is it. But As a motorsport enthusiast myself I can tell this is a Honda Civic Si Coupe, the scaling is a little bit off so I can’t tell the exact produce year but it should be from 1980 to early 1990.

I found that the Majority of those who use the tag “#art110s16” on that day is first selfie, seconds foods , third is that they doing homework and wish everybody a good Sping Break.

The first one is by mmstar505, next is jon_ramos96 and chris.wils.


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