Week 9) Classmate Conversation

This week I meat Lainie Le, she is a freshman in California State University of Long Beach. Lainie is currently undeclared but in future she plan to study in business. During her free time she like to sleep or simply speed hours to watch random YouTube video. Sometime she like to go drink boba with her friends. Lainie like Chipotle, she usually get a bowl and get 3 difference food of choice. Lainie is half Vietnamese so she also like pho and Korean BBQ. This summer Lainie plan to go on a cruse to Mexico and try out the zip-line. Lainie Le dose not afraid of height but she doesn’t like high speed traveling. She hate roller coaster and doesn’t want to drive on freeway. Lainie Le currently live in North Long Beach.12674195_1065128166883492_571846900_n


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