My name is Robert Lee Abram, I grew up in a family with a long line of spectacular tradition. Begin with the World War I every generation in my family always have somebody become a great tank commander, the most popular is my grandfather, General Creighton Abrams one of the finest tank strategist. To honor my grandfather the US armed force name the third generation of main battle tank after him, the M1 Abrams.

I follow the order of the US Commander in Chief to lead the ground force and testing the new generation, the AM1 Prototype. This beauty is a combination of art and technology, a rail gun mounted the turret that could easy penetrate 15 meter of titanium and electronic magnetic field armor that could withstand a nuclear or projectile weight 3 tons travel 2 times the speed of light. Why are we still use ground force or tanks on particular on the moon you may ask, well because the base is on the ground and their are always a bigger thread came from the ground than the air. Testing this new weapon is just an excuse for our first space war. I heard a rumor we the human are not alone here, there are always a strange signal came out of the moon’s core since the first man on Apollo program set their foot here. The next thing we know is that the moon’s core is hollow and it pack a powerful energy that could generate an entire new solar system. Yet the World War II myth is confirmed, Hitler did not kill himself at the end of the war, instead he and his scientist flew to the moon and wait for revenge. NASA already spotted their first space ship and have a great chance the Nazi already went way a head of us and ailed with aliens. This is the top secret information, there are less than 10 people in Moonbase alpha know about this but their identity are keep secret. The plan is clear, all citizen in this base will be convert to free soldier for front line as decoy. I need to move quick, the air force already testing their first SDPD (Space Double Pilots Dogfight) machine. All we can do now is quickly adapt to the environment, train hard and expect the worst.

I have a felling that these people may also know about the plan, I should keep an eye on them.

Aurora :

Frizallina :

Deedee :


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