Week 8) artist conversation- Luis Arias

Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibit: The Weaving Machine

Media: Wood, Fabric

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: luisarias22@hotmail.com


About the Artist

Luis Arias is currently attending in CSULB, his major is fine arts and specializing in wood. Luis Arias was born in El Salvador and later move to US in the 80’s. Luis Arias now live in LA and usually travel back to his home town. Luis Arias also visits travel to Europe a lot, he visited Spain, Portugal, Austria and Turkey. Luis Arias like soccer and his favorite team is Real Madrid.


Formal Analysis

Luis Arias speed a lot of time for one of his project, roughly 15 months for each. Luis Arias want to start everything with looms and use machine to refine it. The majority of his work made from wood and fabric. The displayed object not only for show but can function. He used the chair everyday at home. Luis Arias’s crafting ability is undeniable.


Content Analysis

Luis Arias has a thing with average commercial product, he want to deliver the finest quality handmade product. Luis Arias is one of those who doesn’t like commercial or Walmart. Luis Arias very appreciate every detail every line on a handmade product. Luis Arias’s  favorite media  to use wood because wood can be manipulated to make anything. Luis Arias get a lot inspiration from woman.


My Experience

Luis Arias is a very discipline type of person. His work represent the great detail and fine quality. Each project are handmade so there is no perfect replica that just significantly boost it value. Also it sure feel awesome when you make something by yourself and use it everyday. With our current technology we can get anything the we need to survive, objective losing their value day by day, handmade goods losing their stand on the market. It great to see the handcraft goods that my simple but pack a lot of skill to make, and yet we can hardly see anything like it in the market. With my engineering blood I am very enjoy the weaving machine, I just walk around it and check out every single detail and figure out how it work.



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