Week 7) Artist Conversation – Andrea Lauren

Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Andrea Lauren
  • Exhibition: Religion, Sacrifice, and Womanhood
  • Media: Ceramics
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
  • Website: None
  • Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist

  • Andrea Lauren was from Riverside back then she is used to be a drummer in a band, now she commuting to school everyday, she is currently undergraduate at CSULB. Andrea Lauren born in a family with great tradition in art, that is the key to the whole new world of art, Andrea Lauren share “My whole life has always been something about art.” He interest in art become stronger when she start experience with ceramic. The main theme for her art is religion, animal and motherhood. She is now has one child with pets.  

Formal Analysis

  • As mentioned, Andrea Lauren use ceramic as the main material for her art. The theme for her art are about religion, animal and motherhood, sometime we can see the image of sacify. Andrea Lauren shared that she use cement as the platform and the physical base for her work, on top of that she use ceramic to decorate, drawing and molding. Later when the material are dry, she use color to make the project look more alive, of course as we can see that she use a lot of shade of brown and red. With that technique, she can create a big insize art piece that not easy to collapse. Just like that, her project took like a week to finish and look rough in a good way, it can show the human’s hard work in the project and I’m sure she work really hard for that. The majority of her idea are came from her own life experience.

Content Analysis

  • As being said, Andrea Lauren take idea for her art from her real life experience. While observate her works, I saw an image of a woman looking toward the sky and proudly open her arm to take her blessing. Another is about animal Andrea Lauren’s pets. And another having image of mother holding her child just like how Andrea Lauren taking care of her kid. Yet Andrea Lauren proudly express her religious and motherhood. The idea of women, religious, sacrifice show how much a mother have to sacrifice for her child also have to follow her own religion.

Synthesis / My Experience

  • Andrea Lauren works bring a powerful meaning, throw her art I realize how much mother have to sacrifice for their child. From now on this experience will permanently change the way to treat my parent, I will try to be calm, I will not make them sad anymore. But after all, mother is the greatest tile for a woman, thanks to mother we can see the light, to be introduce to the word and they always want to push us to be the best person.




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