Week 6) Photo Walk

This week on photo walk is a a great opportunity for me to explore more about our campus. This is my 4th semester and there are 2/3 of the campus that I never went to, I looking forward to explore more about our campus. I chooses Dorothy McMahon’s group because she promise to visits all the water display on the campus and most importantly the Japanese garden. To start the walk, we went visits the fountain in front of theater art, it currently have no water there but I remember back then the view was much better and the duck used to swim around the area with the spectacular couture. Next we went to the fountain at the Brotman Hall, This one located right at the corner of the main street that cut through the campus so it better look good. Finally we went to the Japanese garden, I never been here before. I have my own Japanese garden on backyard so I know what to expect but still the CSULB’s Japanese garden amaze me, it way better and bigger than I though the pond is way bigger and they also have the small scale water fall, the kois are huge. I like everything there especially the flower, I grew up in an area known for produce some finest flower in the country, bring back a lot of memory. The Photo Walk was amazing, Dorothy McMahon is a fine leader, she know what is she doing just a little more communicate with the group and everything will be perfect.




My backyard for compression 🙂


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