Week 5) Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

I love all aspects of foods, I love it taste, flavor, presentation and also the story behind it.

For this week activity it’s will be all about Cuisine for me. I like my foods to be simple, pack a punch and easy to modify. So there are nothing better than the famous Vietnamese’s Spring Roll with Grilled Pork Slice with small twist.

Ingredient :

Ingredients are very simple and cheap, you can pickup at any Vietnamese food store.

  • Spring Roll Rice Wrapper.
  • Raw Vietnamese’s style grill pork Sausage ( Nem nướng )
  • lettuce
  • Fish Souse
  • White noodle (optional)
  • hot chili


Process :

-Before do anything, let’s clean the veggies first,  cut the lettuce 4 just like how you cut an apple in to 4 slice, careful wash it, don’t apply too much force otherwise it will taste bad later, while done washing your veggies, let’s it dry and prepare for the next important step.

-Now Take a frying pan, pull just little oil (you don’t want to much oil because it not so good for you health) then turn on the fire.



-Next cut grill pork package and start to make slices just like what you found in a hamburger but bigger, make a circle piece maybe equal the size of your hand and about 1 centimeter (0.4 inch) thick.


20160221_173956-When you done with all the pieces, the oil should be hot enough, now fry the meat.( Usually this should be done on a BBQ grill but I like mine to fry with a little oil so20160221_174155 it can keep it moister.) Try to turn it every 45 seconds so the meat can cook evenly until you see the golden texture, I like the meat turn out a little crispy so I let’s it spend extra time on the heat until it turn dark brown.


2016-02-21 18.23.37

-At this stage quickly take it out of the pan and slice it to about 0.1 inches.


-pour fish souse on a bow that you can easy hold with one hand, cut one out two slice of hot chili and you good to go (commend 3 part fish souse and 1 part water for those who never tried fish souse before. )

2016-02-21 18.20.23

For now all the hard part are done, grab a big bow and poor in the warm water. Unpack your Spring Roll Rice Wrapper, only take 1 and make a quick dip in the that warm water you prepare earlier, make sure all angle  of the wrapper  are soaked and do not let’s it stay too long in the bow otherwise it will get too soggy and you will unable to use it to warp anything. Lay the wet wrapper on a plate and put in whatever amount you want, it’s your food, it’s your freedom modify it.

2016-02-21 18.22.47

I like mine to have 2 slice of meat, 2 slice of veggie and just a little bit of while noddle (the noddle will act like a sponge, it will help you absorb all the flavor) roll it up and eat with the fish souse that you just made earlier.

2016-02-21 18.21.41




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