Week 5) Artist Conversation – Tony Nguyen

Exhibition Information

  • Artist: Tony Nguyen
  • Exhibition: Casual
  • Media: Metal
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
  • Website: None
  • Instagram: elll_tigre

About the Artist

  • Tony Nguyen is one of a newer talented artist, I actually have same class with him. Tony Nguyen is currently a fifth-year undergraduate at CSULB, pursuing on Bachelor in Fine Arts. He planed to working after he graduate from CSULB to get a good foundation experience and finance then pursue another degree in fine arts at San Diego State University. Tony Nguyen in shopping, watching sci-fi show, anime … He’s also like to sketch out his idea while he have free time.

Formal Analysis

  • Having interest in TV show is sometime a good thing, Tony Nguyen came up with a functional mini mailbox that I really like from the famous show Doctor Who. Tony Nguyen want to make a mailbox but anything else in the move because the protagonist travel through 3 dimensional time and space using police box so this is like the main icon for this show. Tony Nguyen said that he has a lot of fun doing this project do to his great and also the complexity to make a small scale functional of any objective.

Content Analysis

  • According to Tony, the mailbox having the most critic that he ever have on any of his project, this is the main reason for him to improve his skill. Other than that, Tony Nguyen also have many other project related on his interest like a ring with a samurai helmet on it. The idea for is is of coure from Japanese’s anime. Not only that Tony Nguyen also having a great passion Japanese’s couture, he planed to visit Japan soon. Tony’s way of art is the idea came from anywhere so he use his interest as the base for his art, by looking at his work Tony feel proud about himself because not many people understand the work and though that the artist put on their project. Not my any mean of promoting an couture or advertise for a movie show all his work are for practice and refine his skill.

Synthesis / My Experience

  • I like art that using metal, metal represent strength and power, due to it characteristic. Difference metal carry a difference idea. Tony Nguyen one of my classmate from a few semester ago, I know him but never actually start a good conversation with him until now. He use metal as his main material witch is my favorite, he really know how to combine the with other material like fur like the necklace, it is a great combination and not many artist can pull this off.

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