Week 4) Visiting LA Art Book Fair

I live no where near LA but I am very familiar with the traffic because I went to quiet a number a car show and car meet in LA, also I went to some high rating restaurant one every 1 or 2 months. As usual It took me about an hour to get there from where I live and around 50 minutes to find the parking because it was located next to the Japanese town area so all the parking around that area are full.


With how the entrance look I don’t think there are not a lot of interesting inside.

But when I get inside, there are much more crowded then I expect. 12721568_1042978522431790_757078341_n.jpg12721565_1042978482431794_574463201_n.jpg

There are a long line for every food truck and it very hard to move around when I actually can get in the building.














There are so many interesting art in here, they have a big giant painting of a little girt with an art book on the wall to a small rock that have a little happy face on it. Some people even design and sell wall paper, some others took photo of some of the opposite side of a crowded city they also show their equipment. Because time are limited and there are so many people in line so I couldn’t interview or identify some of the art piece belong to who. Some of the visitor are also have great passion in art, they have very unique clothing and some of them are cosplayer.


Picture of me with my sister Avelyn.




After a tired day, there is nothing better to treat yourself with foods. Right next to the art fair is of course Japanese town, I went to a restaurant called Urban Seoul and have fantastic meal over there.
















Gogi gravy fries.



Taco Gogi / spicy beef / belly pork


Black tea with honey and pudding for me, Green tea with jasmine and pudding + macha ice-cream for my sister from OZERO Tea and Desert.


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