Week 4) Graffiti Writing at Venice

Second time at the beach doing project for Art 110, the experience is getting more exciting than the previous. There are always a crowd for every 20 feet, people show off their hip-hop move on the right, playing volleyball of left, people doing yoga on a far… The music are great too, a guy from Canada gave me one of his album, it modern music but recorded with Jazz style, I love it.

After a long day12746468_1284178528275598_1603274713_n.jpg of driving, finally arrive at Venice Beach, I came here for only one reason that is give myself a good experience with the Venice Beach Legal Graffiti Wall. Graffiti is banned in the city, but over here all the talented nameless artistes could express themselves. First time ever trying graffiti, I purchased two spray-cans at my local  Walmart for less than $8. Walking closer to the art wall there’s was the unique smell of paint.


Before do anything I have a walk around the area to see how others doing, their hands are moving very smooth all their line are tough and straight, very predicable. All the “professional” always come with at least 6 spray-can, one of them tell me that I need more than one can of the same color because I will ran out paint really quick .



I tried to draw my name with the so called “bubble letters” (I think I am doing it right even tho mine look completely difference than others c:  )12721577_1284178638275587_851408688_n.jpg

First I drew an out line with the white spray-can, my line came out really odd, they are not straight and smooth at all, some event dripping down, finally fingered out that I have to “shake-well” the can and when I spray just leave tips about one inch away from the wall. Satisfied with the outline, I fill it up with white because white is a cold color, it is always better to use the warmer tone color as out line like orange, that way the letter to pop-up more than the other way around. I quickly ran out of white and i understand why, so I couldn’t make a clean fill up, lesson learned. At the end I just make a quick highlight with my orange, the line have to be precise because I cannot fix it with white paint.


For the end result my sanctification is about 85%, there are many thing that I could fixed like do some practice, get some more extra base color, I ran out white so quickly that I couldn’t fill up my letter and my orange is not even half way down yet, a guy next to me make some great art and he ran out of orange so I gave him mine. At the end first time experience is never create the best product but it is always the most enjoyable time.






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