Week 3) Snapchat

I know about snapchat for a long time but never actually use it, due to the event that my class went to SOA gallery I have a chance to actually try out the so call “snapchat.” I took some picture and use the build-in drawing feature on snapchat to express my talent. I am no artist but the momentum is the one that count, I tried to apply some of the kindergarten coloring technique. The first one I found the similarity of a MV by Adele and the second one just a free draw with some extra color to a black and white style panting.




I also went through some of my friend post and pick out some of my favorite.




Website : https://elidiar.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/wk-3-snapchat/




By : Molly

Website : https://mollypoyer.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/wk-3-art-experience-snapchat/



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