Week 3) class conversation

I have a chance to encounter with a new friend Amber Bolden (https://aboldenimages.wordpress.com/), we have a conversation about artist Josh Vasquez. We both like Josh Vasquez’s work, he has a great passion for art, Josh Vasquez also went to CSULB and getting serious on art for over 2 years. His painting use 2 tone of color, a while canvas and black pain. We found most of his painting have similarity, use the natural white of the canvas for the light color is undeniable, we found that for each painting he used about 3-5 difference size of brush and each of them have difference level of black, he used a lot of curve and circular line. Majority of his works are point toward the after life by the appearing of skulls, black rose, crows … Josh Vasquez’s art made me think about the what happen to us when we die also either we works so hard while we still alive or not, the result are still the same, we all going to die and what happen after we die is more important.


Artist : Josh Vasquez

Website : http://www.joshvasquez.com/

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West, CSULB

Exhibition: Vida/Morte


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