Week 1) Landscapes with a Corpse.


This is my personal illustration of what happened few months ago while I tried to break my personal bench-press record alone, my arms got tried and almost injured myself, thank fully some person rush in and pull out the weigh. working-out with heavy weigh maybe dangerous.

Setting is in my bedroom, using a 30pounds dumbbell.

Leon A Phung



About the original crater of the album

Artist: Izima Kaoru
Media: Installation
Gallery: Landscapes with a Corpse project
Website: http://www.vonlintel.com/Izima-Kaoru.html

Izima Kaoru born 1954 in Japan.

The idea of “Landscapes with a Corpse project” by Izima Kaoru. This series start for over 20 years, he invited model and actress for his project models they can imagine their own death provide stunning effect for the final shot. Great opportunity for viewer to think about their final chapter in life. His photos bring a unique characteristic. The main character seem to be blend in and became a part of nature.


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